Build Frames Steel 35-in Outrigger For Scaffolding 4-Pack

Model #CORP4+02+BFL

Build Frames’ 30 in. Steel Heavy Duty Outrigger, used to Stabilize B and C Scaffolding Frame towers. These can be used to Build Frames’ Base Jacks (BPLJA12+BFL and BPLJBH+BFL) and rolling Caster (CAS8B+BFL). (Pack 4)

  • Used to stabilize B and C Scaffolding Frames
  • Used when your scaffold tower height exceeds 4 times your smallest base measurement (or 3 times in California) please check local regulations on when these are required to be used
  • Grey Powder-Coated for Weather Resistance and Durability
  • Meets OSHA Safety Requirements
  • ANSI Compliant