Introducing Build Frames Scaffolding

Build Frames is the newest venture for its parent company DSS Group Holdings LLC (DSS). We are one of the largest and most trusted scaffold suppliers in North America and worldwide. With a focus on the retail and small contractor market, Build Frames manufactures and sells frame/brace and baker style scaffolds with all related accessories. As the pioneering OEM of brand name scaffold, DSS has built a reputation for first-class customer service, highly competitive pricing, and the most extensive QA/QC program in the industry which has been instilled within the Build Frames team. Over the last 23+ years, our group of companies has emerged as a leading global supply chain expert with unmatched manufacturing capacity and techniques. We can supply all your scaffold needs with high-quality products and on-time delivery. We are in the early stages of an exciting journey with many more products and innovation around the corner. Stay tuned!

The Assortment - Full Line of Interior & Exterior




Cross Braces

Interior 6ft Baker

Aluminum Platform