Interior Scaffold Guardrail Kit


Using a guard rail for your Baker style scaffolding will be extremely helpful in preventing accidents or falls from occurring during construction projects. Our multipurpose handrail and toeboard, made from durable steel coated with black thermosetting poly powder (protects the material against rust), can safely support up to 1000 lbs. of weight. This makes it ideal for various tasks and projects, such as painting drywall or other high rise projects to be done at home. For optimum functionality, these rails are designed to be used with Build Frames Baker Scaffolding models to keep you safe, secure, and protected at all times. Accomplish your project with ease and peace of mind with the assurance that our product is ANSI certified, CSA approved, and OSHA compliant.

  • Safety guard rail protects against accidents while on scaffolding
  • Steel handrail can safely support a maximum weight of 1000 lb
  • A hand rail for a scaffolding unit is absolutely essential to allow you to work with improved safety, minimizing the risk of accidental falls and injuries
  • Safety and stability are ensured as this hand rail is made with rugged steel, coated with black thermosetting poly powder for protection against rust
  • Officially ANSI certified, CSA approved, and OSHA compliant
  • Purchase of this product includes two guard rails with gates and 4 gravity locks in the box
  • Assembled dimensions are 69.75 x 29.25 x 44.5 in. (177.2 x 74.3 x 113 cm) with a weight of 55.4 lbs (25.2 kg)
  • toeboard included